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Autism is a complex condition that is still largely misunderstood and likely to be overlooked or missed entirely in any one person that has it. The sad reality of Autism is that those that have it, like myself, have incredible potential to leave the world a better place than they found it but only if those of us with Autism have the required support of our community, family, partners and peers.

Autism most likely brings to mind sad stereotypes like the famous film character “Rain man” played by Dustin Hoffman but Autism actually is responsible for some of the greatest thinkers, artists and minds throughout history. Men and women that led paradigm shifts in thinking, sciences and culture. Among famous persons that were autistic one would find such great names as Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Charles Darwin, Michelangelo, Alan Turing and many other incredible people.

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Autistic Jiu Jitsu


Autistic persons have suffered a great deal at the hands of malevolent forces and persons in recent history. According to articles published by the C.B.C. and other credible sources Hans Asperger, a doctor that was affiliated with the Nazi regime labelled level one autsim as “Aspergers” after his own name after seeing the potential genius of persons with level one autism and how they might be used to aid the third reich. Those unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with more “severe” autism by Asperger were sent to be euthanized after being deemed of “no use” to the third reich. Since then, along with typical everyday challenges that every autistic person faces, various agencies and institutions around the globe have attempted “curing” autism in children and declared it a “disease” even though overwhelming evidence shows it to be genetic, highly beneficial in certain situations and likely hereditary.

I myself have been diagnosed as level one autistic through various doctors in the course of my treatment and recovery from complex, complicated, P.T.S.D. and later learned that my two sisters and several of their children, my brother and one of his children, my mother and my uncle all have varying degrees of autism as well. Yet, despite this reality, when I take typical online autism “tests” the results of such tests routinely show me to not be autistic. This is because medical professionals continue to try to define autism as a “condition” and every condition has “symptoms.” Autism is very complicated and it affects everyone differently on the autism spectrum. There are no set of standard, common, “detectable symptoms” with which to “diagnose” autism and any “test” that relies on “symptoms” is highly likely to fail diagnosing a great many autistic persons on the spectrum and only “detect” a select few that happen to have said symptoms that are erroneously viewed as common. 

Given the complexity of the issue, and the potential to produce in any one autistic child another “Einstein”, I strongly encourage anyone that feels they may be on the spectrum to embrace their suspicions and reach out to more qualified and experienced experts on the subject for a reliable diagnosis and access to support. 

Variety is truly the spice of life, don’t deny it, embrace it and the happiness it brings.


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Autistic Jiu Jitsu


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