Welcome to Autistic Jiu Jitsu!

Maybe you’re asking yourself what Autistic jiu jitsu even is? Maybe you know me or have trained with me in the Brazilian jiu jitsu scene in Ontario or elsewhere. Maybe (hopefully) you’ve discovered Autistic jiu jitsu by trying to learn about Autism or mental health. In any case thanks for visiting my website.

Autistic Jiu Jitsu is a name I chose to show pride and spread awareness about two areas of my life that have been of central importance to my health and living experience since my diagnosis of complex, complicated P.T.S.D. at the age of 32. I was diagnosed with high functioning Autism through therapy for my P.T.S.D. at 34. Since my diagnosis I have learned, much to my dismay, that Ontario and Canada are failing the public in treatment and awareness of both Autism and Mental health. I struggled with P.T.S.D for eight years until I found the path to a cure and now I wish to do my part for my community by sharing my story, my brand and my ethos.

Autistic jiu jitsu is essentially a way of life. Much of it is centered around embracing challenge and continued learning to improve oneself. Throughout the history of martial arts there have been periods of growth like in anything else and I feel strongly that the current martial arts trends have all but abandoned the development of character, the discussion of spirituality and the promotion of higher aspirations and higher learning. So I wrote a book, started this brand and mission, to spread awareness and provide coaching and support to those of us that need it, and let’s be honest with ourselves, we all need some support sometimes. 

As Autistic Jiu Jitsu grows and spreads throughout the world I plan on discussing things that are central to the true and genuine martial artist. Nutrition, techniques and styles are just the tip of the martial arts iceberg. Character development through seeking challenge. Learning new things that cause one to grow, making informed decisions of faith, establishing an identity within the martial arts community, these are just some of the things I feel are deeply needed in our current times. 

Autistic jiu jitsu is not a style of martial art itself, rather a guiding principal to be utilized by anyone, in any style training or during any type of struggle. As time moves on I will continue to lend my experienced perspective and encourage everyone to take the difficult path, the most rewarding path, while navigating life.

To prescribe to Autistic jiu jitsu is to embrace a higher standard for yourself, every day. A martial artist rest only to recover and recovers only to embrace the next challenge, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. 

Join me in my quest to learn and improve everyday. Leave others to their own path and focus on your path and together we can both try, fail and achieve goals. We can choose every day to be the best version of ourselves.\\

Challenge is opportunity.

Failure is the framework of success.

Autistic jiu jitsu.

So read a book. If not because you think it’s fun than because it will make you a better version of yourself. Or maybe it will teach you something you didn’t expect to learn like “a brave new world” did for me. Hell, read a book because somewhere out there right now there is a kid that is fighting just to be able to own a book, it’s easy to forget such realities exist and take things like books for granted.

I don’t, but I had to fight, and was beaten more than once, just so I could struggle to find the meaning of some words.

Challenge is opportunity,

Autsistic jiu jitsu.