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As an advocate for my fellow peers on the autistic spectrum I took it upon myself to write an autobiography about my life. In the book "Autistic Jiu jitsu" I detail my life and career in violence and the study of violence through martial arts. I, like many autistic children, was subject to horrendous abuse, of every type, because I was autistic and therefore deemed "problematic." So I detail my experience working as a security guard, security company manager, bodyguard and even my time contributing to efforts to end the cannabis prohibition in Canada.

It isn;t a read for the faint of heart. I discuss not only severe child abuse and neglect as well as a career in policing and vioence, I also discuss poly amory, P.T.S.D. and mental health struggles and finally my own autism diagnosis at the age of thirty-two. I chose to write on these matters to highlight to the Canadian public how total and horrendous the failure of our elected officials is regarding mental healthcare and the treatment of autism in Canada. 

At the time that the book was written the premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, cancelled funding for all autism programs for children and youth in Ontario declaring it a waste of taxpayers money. 

The average age of diagnosis of autism is thirty. The average lifespan of an autistic person in North America is thirty-six to Forty. The average cause of death of autistic persons is accident, self harm and suicide. The addiction rate of autistic persons in Sweden is double the normal population. A large percentage of inmates incarcerated in North America are autistic. Declaring funding for autism to be a waste isn’t just callous, it’s downright cruel and it harkens to days when Hans Asperger euthanized autistic chiuldren for the Nazi regime. There is an active, albeit unconscious, desire to ignore or simply do-away with autistic persons that cannot be denied. 

On the other hand if such funding and greater efforts were promoted by governments around the world autistic people have the potential to change history, alter thinking and improve life for all the people of the world like so many autistics throughout history have done. People like Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Michelangelo, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, all of them autistic, have caused paradigm shifts in thinking and introduced technologies that bettered the world. Denying funding and care to autistic people is simply reckless for everyone, not just horrendously cruel.

So I wrote a book, detailing my life. It is completely true, only names of persons and places have been altered. My hope is that in reading it you will see what every child that is born with autism will likely be doomed to endure without funding and support from the local community, family and peers.

My life was horrendous even if it was rewarding in the end, I don;t want other children to suffer my fate. Please help with the autism struggle for care and awareness in any way you can, a good place to start is by reading my book.

Autistic Jiu Jitsu


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