Interdependence is the way of humankind, not independence.

I constantly hear this idea of independence being promoted as an ideal and an inspiration. One having to fight for independence, fight for your rights as some might say, is touted as an ideal to strive for. Such thinking is folly. One might mistakenly think oneself independent but such ideology is hubris.

What would you do today if your cell phone stopped working? Do you know how to fix it independently? Would you need the help of another person? Such need for aid from other members of your community demonstrates interdependence. What if your car breaks down? What if your television stops working? Can you repair them? Do you even know how they work? What if the grocer’s in your area cannot secure food for sale? Do you know how to grow food in your own garden? Do you have a garden? Have you ever, in your entire life, eaten something that you have planted, grown, harvested and prepared entirely on your own? What if the water in your municipality stopped flowing through the public system? Where and how would you find clean safe water in less than three days before dehydration threatens to kill you?

Embrace this truth of interdependence. Open your mind to the reality that you rely on everyone around you. Hold this knowledge close and begin to be mindful of it, practice living this truth.

What might such mindfulness look like? It is a lived thought exercise with every encounter you have within your community and throughout the world.

Approach every person and every situation with the knowledge that you rely on everyone in your community in some way that you are not aware of. You need every person in your world. No matter how much they may seem abhorrent to you, you need everyone in some way in order to continue to live.

Holding this knowledge, engaging in such a thought exercise as genuinely and mindfully considering the perspective of the people you interact with and how THEY see a situation, why they have a different opinion or a different lifestyle will actually cause you to grow your own intelligence.

Neural plastic law dictates that thought exercises like these cause neural genesis because you are essentially tricking yourself into using your imagination. Imagination is the most powerful tool you have in life. Imagination is the only way we as a species recover from trauma. If you want to be a powerful being you have to have a powerful imagination. To develop a powerful imagination, and thusly a powerful mind, you have to imagine new and different points of view.

If you truly embrace new and different points of view EVERY time you deal with another human being you do in fact grow smarter EVERY time you try to understand someone or something that you haven’t previously considered.

Neural plastic law dictates that if you reject such consideration, if you deny a new point of view, you deny your mind a chance at growth. Furthermore you are reinforcing obstinacy in the face of imagination, causing neural cognitive decline. You LITERALLY become less intelligent with every new opportunity to utilize your imagination that you deny yourself.

Acceptance of interdependence and embracing, trying to genuinely imagine, other community members points of view as if your life depends on it, because it does, causes growth on a regular basis. Such empathy as this activates neural pathways that have nothing but benefits. You gain by showing that you care. You gain by being empathetic. You gain by stepping outside of your known comfort and familiarity.

Our differences, when embraced and sympathized, benefit everyone interdependently. Those same differences, when fuelling divisiveness and rejection, benefit NO ONE and slow harmony and progress to an absolute pause.

Embrace the consideration of others differences regardless of how complicated or frightening those differences might appear to you. Nothing in life is simple. Thank the Gods for that because if simplicity were common place passion would be a distant memory.

This ideology is the basis of the path of the warrior monk. This ideology is the foundation of Autistic Jiu jitsu.

Autistic Jiu jitsu is the fundamental understanding and consequentially the conduct of utilizing imagination by embracing consideration of another persons point of view in order to drive continual learning and growth and interdependence on ones fellow human beings.

This may seem a difficult undertaking but challenge is opportunity.

Failure is the framework of success.

Embrace the truth of your interdependence.

Nothing in life is simple.

Autistic Jiu jitsu.